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Keep Cavities at Bay with Check-Ups for Kids


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Harley Street Dental Studio is proud to offer a comprehensive range of dental services for patients of all ages and we welcome families to our practice. Our studio is designed to provide all our clients with a comfortable and relaxing setting and we do everything we can to make children feel welcome, put their minds at ease and ensure they have fun while they’re with us.

Check-ups for children

Cavities are very common in children and one of our main aims is to keep our patients, whatever their age, cavity-free and able to enjoy good oral health and a bright and beautiful smile. We recommend regular check-ups for children from an early age as a means of reducing the risk of decay and enabling children to get used to going to the dentist and spending a little time in the dental chair.

Check-ups are nothing to worry about, but we do understand that the sights and sounds of the dental clinic can be daunting for children. Rest assured that our dental team is experienced in paediatric care and we endeavour to help our younger patients feel as calm as possible.

When your child comes for a dental check-up, we will look around their mouth, check their teeth and gums and look out for signs of decay. We will also have a quick chat with them and ask them about brushing and will be happy to answer any of their questions. Brushing at home is really important and we are more than happy to offer children and parents tips to help reduce the risk of decay.

To arrange a check-up, simply call us today! We also provide family appointments.



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