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How You Can Benefit from a Pure Power Mouth Guard


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At Harley Street Dental Studio we pride ourselves on offering state of the art treatments and the best dental services out there, which is why we are delighted to be one of a handful of clinics to offer the Pure Power Mouth Guard (PPM). This advanced mouth guard offers so much more than a conventional gum shield! As well as offering high levels of protection, the PPM also promises to enhance sporting performance.

The benefits of the Pure Power Mouth Guard

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is beneficial for sports players of all abilities. It is custom designed to fit perfectly and automatically adjusts the position of the jaw to ensure that is in the optimum place. By altering the position of the jaw, the PPM reduces tension in the facial muscles and improves muscle contraction.

As well as reducing pain in and around the jaw, the PPM can also help to lower the risk of TMJ disorder and improve flexibility.

As the PPM is custom-made, it is also more comfortable than many other types of mouth guard. This leaves you free to focus on the game rather than being distracted by discomfort.

We strongly recommend the PPM for anyone who participates in activities or sports that carry a risk of dental or facial injuries, such as boxing, martial arts, rugby, hockey and lacrosse. Whatever your standard of play, the PPM can offer numerous benefits.  To find out more, simply give us a call!


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