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Worn Teeth? How Our Dental Experts Can Help


How can we help?

There are many possible reasons why the teeth may become worn. If your teeth are weak or they’re showing signs of wear and tear, we can help. Here are some common causes of worn teeth and some solutions.


Bruxism is the medical name for grinding the teeth. Many people grind their teeth without even realising, and they’re only made aware of it when their partner tells them or they start to notice symptoms like headaches, pain in the jaw or chipped teeth. When you grind your teeth, this can wear away the tooth structure and increase pressure on the muscles in the temporomandibular joint or the TMJ. Other signs may include clicking and popping noises and a restricted range of movement in the jaw. If you do grind your teeth and it’s damaging your teeth, we may recommend wearing a bite guard. This is a custom-made device, which prevents contact between the top and bottom sets of teeth.


The enamel is very hard, but it can become weaker as a result of acid erosion. This is usually a result of your diet, and eating or drinking items that have low pH value, such as juices, vinegar-based dressings and sauces and fizzy drinks. To prevent acid erosion, try and avoid eating and drinking anything sugary or acidic between meals and use a straw if you are drinking fruit juice or pop. It’s best to opt for sugar-free versions and to dilute juice with water. If your teeth are worn, you may experience sensitivity when you eat or drink anything hot or cold.


Abrasion usually occurs when you brush your teeth too hard. Brushing aggressively can actually do more harm than good because it can damage your enamel, causing it to become thinner. Brush gently and choose a brush with soft or medium bristles.

If your teeth are worn, we have various treatment options available, including veneers, fillings, crowns and dental bonding. Call us today to find out more!


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