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So, you think life starts at 40? You’re sure right. The average life expectancy for a woman is now 81, so at the age of 40 you have over half your life to live!

And the fact that we are living longer is only the half of it.

People are now looking better. With the cult of the celebrity and reality TV at its peak, achieving a photo-shoot finish is becoming more of a daily victory than a lifetime achievement award.

Spoilt for choice by a gargantuan picnic of copy-cat products in local high street stores and with the career ladder stretching itself beyond the clouds for the majority of working class Britain, getting ‘the look’ is a hot priority. Getting the look right however, is where your teeth may play an important role.

Why Your Teeth Matter

Your teeth are pretty amazing- without them you wouldn’t be able to speak (perhaps considered a bonus in some people’s cases), sing (another bonus in the case of X-Factor contestants), chew your favourite food or kiss your gorgeous other half!

And because your teeth are hardwired to your jaw bone they help to create your overall ‘look’ and sculpt the shape and structure of your face, especially when you smile.

Teeth Take the Top Spot

Practical stuff aside though, clean, straight, white teeth help create a fabulous first impression every time you meet someone new and scientific research has proven that smiling is good for your psychological health. No matter how beautiful and symmetrical the rest of your face, a crooked and unhealthy smile will blight your best efforts, leaving people with a negative impression of you. Usually, this will impact on your self-esteem.

Is it any wonder so many people opt for teeth whitening treatments?

And what better way is there to achieve a confident, straight smile than by wearing a brace?

Over 25% of people seeking orthodontic treatment are adults!

You may think that braces are for teenagers and adolescents but you’re wrong. Due to increased life expectancy rates more and more adults over 40 are choosing orthodontic treatment to achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Even A-list celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Gwen Stefani have used braces to straighten out their teeth!

As an adult, there are a whole range of braces to choose from- so you’re no longer restricted to metal wires and brackets. Advances in technology means that there are now more discreet, near-invisible braces such as Sapphire Inspire and ceramic braces to choose from, not to mention gold braces for an exciting, up-market alternative!

Another bonus to wearing braces is that treatment time is not as long as it used to be.

And, if it’s your pocket you’re worried about, you can now pay for orthodontic treatment in instalments.

So in the words of Gwen Stefani, what you waiting for?





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