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Cosmetic dentistry has become extremely popular in recent years and thousands of people across the world have taken the plunge and visited their dentist for cosmetic work. Cosmetic treatments are more widely available than ever before and with practices offering affordable payment options, they are also accessible to a wider range of clients. The range of treatments has also increased and new innovative treatments are invented every year.

Why do people have cosmetic dentistry?

There are many different reasons why people have cosmetic dental work, but whether the main aim of your cosmetic dental treatment is to improve the aesthetic of your smile, what people are really interested in is how the treatment can increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Special events

One of the most popular reasons for having cosmetic dental treatment is preparing for a special event, with many people now visiting their dentist in the run-up to their wedding (wedding smiles) so that they can look their best on their big day. Other events may include birthday parties, important interviews or graduation, for example. People may be inclined to have cosmetic treatment before a special event to ensure that they feel and look their best, as if you’re unhappy with your smile, this can negatively affect your confidence. So receiving cosmetic dental treatment may give you the boost you need, as well as a beautiful smile to show off.

Injuries and missing teeth

People of all ages can lose teeth, with the most common causes of missing teeth including injuries, accidents and oral health diseases. If you lose a tooth, it is advisable to have treatment to replace the tooth, as gaps in the smile can contribute to oral health problems, as well as making the smile look less attractive. If you have missing teeth or your teeth are chipped or damaged, this may affect the way you feel about your appearance and you may feel self-conscious when you smile or open your mouth in public.

Enhancing your smile

Many people who choose to have cosmetic dental treatment have healthy teeth and choose to visit their dentist to enhance and improve the look of their smile, rather than to get treatment for a condition or illness. A perfect smile is a rare thing and most people have little things about their smile that they don’t like or they would like to improve and cosmetic dental treatments enable them to enhance what they have already got. Tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment and is a very simple, quick procedure, which gives an instant healthy glow to the smile.





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