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Immediately when you hear the word ‘implants’, you think of artificial breasts/lips/cheeks – and in this modern day where ‘the faker the better’, there’s nothing worse than associating the word ‘implants’ with ‘dental’.  Would you be happy to think of your dental implants as ‘fake teeth’?  Neither would we here at the Harley Street Dental Studio.

Because you’re worth it

Young or old, one tooth or several teeth – if it’s a dental implant you need, then there’s a dental implant suitable for you.  No matter if you have an existing medical condition, gum disease, wear dentures or have experienced bone loss; depending on the extremity of the case you can still be considered as a possible dental implant candidate.

Here comes the science!

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth or for support (such as bridges), crowns or dentures.  There are two types – those that sit on top of the jaw bone, and those that consist of an artificial tooth root (an implant bolt) which is screwed into the jawbone, supporting restorations resembling a tooth or several teeth.

The purpose of dental implants is to fix metallic anchors in the jawbone so that they can be fixed into the jaw bone, allowing the replacement teeth to be received and held into place.  Healing usually takes around three months, with little to no pain experienced.  Dental implants should be considered if you want to replace weakening or missing teeth, and they frequently deliver better results than bridgework, resin bonded bridges or root canal treatment.

What are the advantages?

Other than having a new set of teeth, benefits include reduced bone loss.  Where you may have lost a tooth the bone around the area will slowly disappear, but a dental implant can stimulate bone growth, preventing loss of bone structure.  Where dentures proved problematic with coming loose and affecting speech, dental implants actually improve function due to being fixed into the jaw instead of resting on the gums.

Dental hygiene is greatly improved as unlike dentures and bridges, which require special attention regarding cleaning practices, dental implants are maintained just like natural teeth – by regular brushing and flossing.  Replacing missing teeth with dental bridges requires teeth adjacent to the gap to be healthy, and if supporting teeth is damaged, will result in the ruining of the bridge restoration.

And last but not least – dental implants will create better aesthetics.  If performed correctly, dental implants should look as natural as your real teeth; providing a more improved functional and cosmetic outcome.

Statistically successful

Dental implants are one of the most successful dentistry operations, and while it is uncertain that an implant procedure will prove to be effective, studies have shown a 95 per cent success rate over five years for implants in the lower jaw and 90 per cent for implants in the upper jaw.  The reason for a lower success rate in the upper jaw is due to being of a lesser density than the lower jaw, making implantation harder to achieve.

Is it expensive?

Depending on the number of implants needed and the complexity of the case, costs can range from £800 to £3000.  Prices vary due to the level of skill of the surgeon, the quality/brand/type of implant, the location of the clinic where the procedure is performed, and the level of aftercare provided.

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