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It’s no secret that a smile is one of the most attractive traits of a person, and what better way to make a great first impression than flashing someone your biggest and whitest smile?  Unfortunately, over the years our teeth are susceptible to losing their shine.  Environmental influences such as habits and diets all lead to stained teeth, and as Kimberly Harms D.D.S. of the American Dental Association puts it: “Basically, anything that can stain your carpet can stain your teeth.”

Discolouration of the teeth can be broken down into two categories, exterior staining (smoking, drinking wine, food) and the actual tooth colour.  But enamel thickness can also contribute to stained teeth, as the more dentin that can be viewed through the enamel, the less bright the teeth will appear.  Just as we are all born with different hair colour and textures, so our enamel thickness will vary especially through age and genetics.  This is why dentists will refer to a shading chart before commencing whitening; as it is important that tooth colour is matched to each individual.

From toothpastes to laser treatment, there’s a huge assortment of different whitening options available, and with factors including cost, time, comfort and level of whitening, it can be confusing and overwhelming for the consumer.  As with any new experience, you’ll want to do your research and make sure you have any worries answered – especially when the hype of marketing can exceed expectations for certain whitening treatments.

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Fortunately as it’s such a popular and diverse service, there’s something for everyone.  If you’re wanting to browse and take your time before committing to a product you’ll be happy with, then look around pharmacies and supermarkets and ask for advice.  With many dentists charging up to £750 a time, many people are looking to DIY kits as a way of saving money.

Whitening toothpastes are by far the cheapest and most frequently used product, due to its ease and cost.  But toothpastes alone are not nearly as effective as bleaching treatments – where whitening gel is applied to disposable plastic trays that are placed on your teeth over a course of a few days.  Slightly more expensive, this type of treatment usually contains hydrogen peroxide solution, a bleaching product popular among dentists proven to give impressive results.

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But if you would rather leave your teeth in professional hands, then why not drop by the Harley Street Dental Studio?  Take the pressure off the experience by letting an expert whiten the teeth for you, where you’ll receive quality care throughout from start to finish.

The process involves cleaning and removing any plaque along the gums, followed by an application of peroxide based gel to the teeth.  A special light then activates the gel, with the procedure lasting approximately an hour where the teeth are whitened up to 10 shades.  Depending on how badly stained your teeth are a professional whitening treatment is usually performed as a one-off, thought in extreme cases whitening may need to be repeated.

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