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The Choice of Simpli5 Braces at Your London Dentist


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If you are unhappy with your teeth and have been looking for an effective yet competitively priced treatment option, then you may want to consider Simpli5 ‘invisible’ braces.

The Simpli5 treatment is an extremely effective way of treating mild orthodontic issues, such as crooked, gapped or overbitten teeth. The treatment uses a five-aligner orthodontic system, which only requires five clear aligners for the successful completion of treatment.

After an initial consultation your dentist will decide whether you are suitable for the Simpli5 treatment. If all goes well an impression will be made of your teeth and sent to a Simpli5 laboratory to make aligners that fit your mouth and your mouth only.

Once you have received your aligners you will wear each one for three to four week for a minimum of 20 hours a day, to ensure that the treatment works effectively.

The procedure takes 10-20 weeks depending on each individual’s orthodontic circumstances, which is much quicker than other brace treatments.

There are a number of advantages that come with the Simpli5 treatment, which include:

  • A discreet way of straightening your teeth, using clear aligners for virtually ‘invisibility.’
  • You only require five aligners, which means that treatment times are shorter than other systems.
  • They also cost less than other ‘invisible’ brace treatments.

The price of the Simpli5 treatment depends on a number of things such as your orthodontic condition, the dental practice you visit and your chosen dentist’s expertise.


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