Power Mouthguard at Your London Dentist to Improve Sport Performance


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If you’re an avid fan of sporting activities there is a mouth-guard out there for you which can actually help improve your sporting performance. The Pure Power mouthguard is the perfect addition to your sporting attire, providing valuable protection and sporting enhancement whatever game you play.

Now you’re probably wondering how on earth a mouthguard can help improve your sporting abilities? Well, it’s quite simple. The Pure Power mouthguard works by re-aligning the muscles in your face and jaw, which ultimately leads to bettered performance and improved muscular positioning.

The mouthguard itself is designed and manufactured using a digital image of an individual patient’s jaw joint, which then provides the precise measurements of your jaw to help determine your optimum jaw position.

The Pure Power mouthguard is much more than just a mouthguard and can provide much more than just protection. Even people who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), which involves continual muscle and jaw strain, can benefit from treatment with the Pure Power mouthguard. The mouthguard helps to relax the muscles, helping them operate much more effectively and relieving the pressure felt by TMJ sufferers.

There are also a whole plethora of advantages with the Pure Power mouthguard, including:

  • Relieved neck and back tension.
  • Improved sporting performance, through the reduction of fatigue and increased stamina.
  • Relief from TMJ symptoms.
  • Increased flexibility, endurance and strength.

The athlete can now push themselves to the best of their ability, whilst remaining completely protected.

Being fitted for a Pure Power mouthguard is very simple. As mentioned before a digital image is taken of the mouth to locate the optimum jaw position. These measurements will then be taken away to create a Pure Power mouthguard, which is perfectly fitted to your measurements.

Although the Pure Power mouthguard is more expensive than traditional mouthguards, its advantages, such as enhanced performance and relief from back and neck pain, make it worth the extra cost.

There is also a whole range of different Pure Power mouthguards for people of all ages, which are suited to the sport you play.

Power Mouthguard at Your London Dentist to Improve Sport Performance

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