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Most teenagers are concerned about their image and the last thing they want is to be told they need braces. Braces are synonymous with being ‘uncool’, but modern braces offer an alternative to traditional fixed braces and using the latest treatments on the market, we can give teenagers beautiful smiles without anyone else even catching a glimpse of a brace.

With Invisalign Teen, we are able to straighten the teeth with the utmost discretion, so teenagers can have the treatment they need without worrying about what their friends think or how they look.

About Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is part of the Invisalign system and it has been specifically designed for teenage patients. Invisalign is completely different to traditional braces; rather than using one fixed appliance, this treatment utilises a series of custom-made, removable aligners to straighten the teeth. The aligners are designed to be in place for 2 weeks and each one is different to the next.

Invisalign Teen is fundamentally the same as Invisalign, but the makers have added additional features to make the treatment process simpler. The aligners have a coloured indicator to show you when to change your aligner and there are spares, so you don’t need to go into panic mode if you misplace one.

Benefits for teens

Orthodontic treatment has a host of benefits for teenage patients and with Invisalign Teen you can enjoy all these benefits without the stress or hassle of wearing braces that are clearly visible. Treatment corrects misalignment and problems with the bite and it also enables you to enjoy better speech, better facial aesthetics and improved oral hygiene. Invisalign Teen is convenient, comfortable and it has little bearing on your day to day life because you cannot see the braces and you take them out to eat and clean your teeth.

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