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CFast is a relatively new orthodontic treatment, but it is already making waves in the world of orthodontics. This is a fixed brace system, which delivers amazing results very quickly.

What is CFast and how does it work?

CFast is a discreet fixed brace treatment, which straightens the teeth rapidly by focusing on the ‘social 6’. The social 6 is the term used to describe the six teeth at the front of the top and bottom rows of teeth.

CFast is designed to straighten the teeth with minimum hassle; the braces are light and very comfortable and they are made from clear components for excellent, discreet aesthetics. The brackets are wires generate forces, which gently move the teeth, correcting issues with positioning and alignment.

CFast is a great option for patients with minor or moderate issues affecting their front teeth, but you can gain benefits from this treatment, even if you have more complex needs.

How long does treatment take?

If you’re in a hurry to look your best for a special occasion or you’re desperate to enjoy the results as quickly as possible, we have good news. The average treatment time for this system is just 6 months, making it a much swifter option than traditional fixed braces. The exact treatment time may vary slightly, according to your needs and your dentist will give you a more accurate idea of your expected treatment time during your consultation.

What are the advantages of CFast?

CFast offers myriad advantages for patients of all ages. These clear braces are barely visible and they work very quickly; they are also very comfortable and as the treatment process is so simple and short, the cost is also lower than most other orthodontic treatments.

CFast is also a versatile treatment and it can benefit patients with minor, moderate or complex orthodontic issues.

To find out if you are a suitable candidate for the innovative CFast system, call and arrange a consultation today.


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