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So Many Veneers to Choose from at London’s Harley Street Dental Studio!


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Patients at Harley Street Dental Studio are spoilt for choice, with 3 amazing dental veneer treatments to choose from. Veneers are often described as the false nail for the teeth and are thin shells of porcelain that are adhered to the front of the teeth to correct problems such as gaps, chips, discolouration and crooked teeth.

Whatever your dental problem there is a veneer of you, with some of the very finest veneer brands available at our London practice, which includes:

MAC Veneers

MAC Veneers are THE veneer of choice for numerous celebrities, as not only are they twice the strength of other veneers, they are also more natural in their appearance. This enhancement of the veneers is achieved first, by pressing the ceramic porcelain material and secondly, by layering the material from the inside out, which produces a greater level of translucency, just like a natural tooth has.

MAC Veneers are also stain resistant and are incredibly long lasting.

Da Vinci Veneers

Da Vinci Veneers are a regular guest on hit US shows like Extreme Makeover, used to transform damaged and broken smiles.

Da Vinci Veneers are exclusive and are only produced in one dental laboratory in California. Da Vinci Veneers are natural looking, strong and hard wearing and can be used to correct gaps, crooked teeth, chips and discolouration. Only a small amount of dental enamel is actually required to fit Da Vinci Veneers, which differs from other veneer brands that shave away a large portion of the teeth.

Cerinate Lumineers

Cerinate Lumineers are the thinnest type of veneer treatment and often require no tooth enamel preparation. This means there is no damage to your original tooth and therefore the treatment is reversible.

Cerinate Lumineers can match the colour of your natural teeth perfectly and are able to last 20 years or more, for a long-lasting smile transformation.

So Many Veneers to Choose from at London’s Harley Street Dental Studio!

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