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The Revolutionary Pure Power Mouth Guard for Patients In The City of London


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When playing sports it’s important to have the necessary protective equipment so as not to become injured – especially with contact sports. However, the Pure Power Mouth Guard offers not only protection, but a range of other benefits which could lead to an improved performance for the patients of London.

Advantages of the Pure Power Mouth Guard

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is designed individually, meaning that it will fit perfectly as each mouth guard is created uniquely for its wearer. This ensures that it is more comfortable than some other mouth guards. This comfort is increased by the way in which the Pure Power Mouth Guard realigns the jaw. As the mouth guard is built from digital imaging of the jaw, the optimum position of the jaw muscles is realised and the guard is designed with this in mind. This will help reduce muscle tension and increase muscle contraction, as well reducing a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder, which is when the jaw muscles are constantly tense and cannot function at full potential. Additionally, the bespoke nature of the guard will reduce tension in the back of the neck. All of these combined benefits mean that the body will feel more relaxed and is able to work much more effectively, meaning the Pure Power Mouth Guard amounts to a performance-improving, as well as protective device.

The variety of Pure Power Mouth Guards

Those who play contact sports can benefit from the larger, more heavy-duty version of the Pure Power Mouth Guard, while players of individual, non-contact sports can use a version of the guard which works to cover just the bottom jaw.  Alternatively, the Pure Power Mouth Guard Key is designed for recreational players who do not need all the features of the Pure Power guard. The guard is suitable for most people, but cannot be worn by those with missing back teeth or heavily decayed teeth, as it must be supported by the teeth.



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