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Veneers are a very popular treatment for improving the look of the smile, but they can also restorative benefits. If you have chipped, worn or broken teeth and you’re longing for a healthier looking, attractive smile, veneers could be an ideal option.

We are pleased to offer a range of veneer treatments, including MACveneers, Da Vinci veneers and Cerinate Lumineers to provide you with gleaming smiles and bags of confidence.

Veneer treatment

Veneers are very thin sheets of laminate ceramic, usually porcelain, which are shaped like natural teeth. They are applied over the teeth as a means of making the smile look more attractive. Different veneer treatments offer various advantages and we will explore your options with you to help you choose the perfect treatment.

Before you have veneer treatment it is common to undergo a short procedure to prepare the teeth; this simply involves removing an ultra-fine layer of the tooth structure to make space for the veneers. Once the teeth are ready, impressions are created and your new bespoke veneers can be made. Some veneers are so thin that minimal preparation is required.

What is the difference between veneer treatments?

Da Vinci veneers were made by famous by celebrities and television makeover shows and they are renowned for creating bright, glamorous smiles. Cerinate Lumineers are made in the USA and they contain patented Cerinate ceramic material, which is extremely strong, but very thin. MACveneers are twice as strong as most other veneers and they are coloured from the inside using several different hues to create a very natural look.

Are veneers the best option for damaged teeth?

Veneers have amazing cosmetic benefits, but they tend to cover, rather than treat issues and sometimes, restorative treatment, in the form of dental crowns, inlays or onlays and composite bonding, may be a better option. When you visit for your consultation, your Harley Street Dental Studio dentist will go through your options with you, explain time-frames, costs and procedures and help to give you your perfect smile.


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