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Sports Dentistry And Makkar Mouth Guards In Central London


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We strongly recommend mouth guards for patients who participate in contact sports and sports that carry a high risk of injury and we are delighted to offer Makkar mouth guards to offer unrivalled standards of protection, as well as additional benefits for health and performance. The Makkar Pure Power Mouth Guard is one of the most impressive dental appliances on the market and if you’re a boxer, a rugby player or a judo expert, you could soon be enjoying the many benefits of this innovative guard.

What is the Pure Power Mouth Guard?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is a gum shield, which boasts the latest design and technological concepts. Unlike normal mouth guards, this gum shield is designed to correct the position of the jaw, meaning that your jaw is always in the right place when you play sport. This means that the muscles around the jaw are free to contract and posture is improved.

Often, athletes are held back by pain and muscle strains and with the PPM, this is not a problem. By adjusting the position of the jaw, the mouth guard reduces tension and strain in the facial muscles and helps to prevent headaches, neck and shoulder pain. With no pain to worry about, athletes can focus on their performance.

The mouth guard also provides excellent standards of protection against dental injuries and it is custom-made using extremely precise details and measurements, for enhanced comfort.

If you’re a keen sportsman or woman, we recommend the Pure Power Mouth Guard. Whether you’re an amateur or an elite performer, this appliance could provide you with a host of benefits, which could you the extra boost you need in game or match with tight margins and no room for errors.




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