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As the most important person at your wedding, all eyes will be on you. And it’s not just your dress, shoes, hair and make up that are being admired, it’s also your smile.

Brides spend all day smiling and it’s important that your teeth look lovely, white, clean and healthy.  A beautiful smile can literally brighten someone’s face so make sure that you draw admiring glances as you beam your way through your special day.

The Harley Street Dental Studio is one of the first cosmetic dentist practices to use a variety of techniques imported from the US. Renowned cosmetic Dental Surgeon Dr Mark Hughes leads a strong team committed to providing you with the very best in state of the art dentistry care.

At the cutting edge of technology

The Harley Street Dental Studio is proud to be at the cutting edge in dentistry technology, offering speed with superb service and excellent treatment. Teeth whitening, using the superior brand Zoom 2 takes only 40 minutes to complete and teeth are brightened by several shades to give outstanding results.   A short visit to the Harley Street Dental Studio will guarantee a winning Hollywood smile on your wedding day and you can radiate confidence all day.   Not only that, but it is so easy and effective why not book your mum, dad and all the in laws in for a treatment.

If it’s more serious dental work that’s needed, this is equally easy and efficient; crown and fillings are created using a new technique involving scanning the tooth with a laser which produces a 3-dimensional model on the computer. Dr Mark Hughes is then able to cut an actual porcelain filling, ready to be fitted, in less than 10 minutes.

Be a beautiful bride and take advantage of a full pampering experience while your teeth are taken care of. Relax in attractive surroundings in the London studio, perhaps choosing a DVD to watch on the state of the art plasma screen while your procedure is being done. For the ultimate in star treatment, the bride to be can also indulge in manicures and pedicures whilst in the chair, and be chauffeured by limousine to and from the studio to complete the special experience.

Special care for scared patients

For those who are afraid of visiting the dentist, then the Harley Street Dental Studio will completely change your opinion of teeth care. The extra perks and lunchtime-length treatments will have you wishing the sessions were longer to enjoy the plush surroundings and special attention.

A bride-to-be deserves the very best, and the combination of excellent dentistry in a stylish and fashionably holistic spa environment will have you ready to smile your best for the entirety of your big day.




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