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The ageing process is an inevitable fact of life with British people spending millions of pounds each year trying to reverse the process. We all know how to reduce fine lines with anti-ageing creams, facials, fillers, and masks…but most people don’t consider how to anti-age their teeth.

Celebrity makeup artist to the stars, Lina Cameron explains, There is nothing more ageing than seeing a beautiful woman with poor dental habits. A straight, bright smile can knock 10 years off in some cases. It is never too late to correct something you are unhappy about.”

The fact is, we can do something about it and prolong our youthful smiles by taking action today. Leading Harley Street and Invisalign®practitioner, Dr Mark Hughes, offers insight into the ageing process that affects our teeth with advice on preventative measures.



The most obvious thing that happens to the teeth as we age is discolouration, both from the inside, as Dentine increases in size, but also from stains penetrating from the outside through the porous enamel.  Wear and tear also plays a big part in the deterioration process, resulting in teeth shortening, chipping or developing fracture lines, which are tell-tale signs of ageing.  Tooth decay and even gum disease over time adds to this deterioration and can also cause teeth to loosen and move due to a loss of bone supporting the teeth.

Straight teeth

A natural movement in teeth does occur throughout life; however teeth that are already crooked have a tendency to worsen further with age. Crooked teeth, particularly on the bottom, also become more obvious as we age as the facial tissues become less elastic and the skin sags, making the teeth more visible. The more discoloured and deteriorated the teeth, the older someone physically looks.

Preventative measures

  • Poor diet is a common cause of tooth deterioration; therefore avoid too many sugary foods and those that can cause staining such as red wine, coffee etc
  • An effective oral hygiene routine can keep the ageing process at bay, so ensure you are brushing teeth effectively and incorporate floss or interdental brushes into your oral hygiene routine to reach the tooth surface and gum between the teeth
  • Poor attendance for dental health checkups prevents the opportunity for early detection of any problems such as decay, or clenching/grinding of teeth which can speed up the ageing process.  Regular visits to the dentist and hygienist are essential to maintain, healthy youthful looking teeth
  • Straightening teeth can protect your bite and consequently reduce tooth wear. It is also easier to maintain the appearance of straight teeth, as they are easier to clean, which in turn reduces the risk of developing gum problems.
  • Invisalign® is a practically invisible orthodontic treatment that adjusts teeth with a series of clear removable aligners. The treatment can tackle both the movement of teeth without embarrassment and discolouration, as you can whiten your teeth during treatment, unlike metal braces
  • Protective measures, such as a bite guard, can help slow tooth deterioration that occurs as a result of tooth grinding etc – Invisalign® can provide protection as a bite guard

Next time you consider your anti-ageing lotions and potions, spare a thought for your hard-working teeth and how you can roll back the years with a youthful, dazzling smile!


Dr Mark Hughes is the founder and primary cosmetic dentist at the London practice of Harley Street Dental Studio.  A Platinum rank Invisalign® provider, Dr Mark Hughes’ commitment to quality has made him a highly regarded cosmetic dentist in London and highly sought after by actors and other celebrities in search of advanced cosmetic dentistry. Dr Mark Hughes makes regular appearances as an expert cosmetic dentist on television and in printed media publications.

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