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Looking After Your Teeth During Contact Sports


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Contact sports can be fast-paced and fun, but they may also be dangerous. If you play contact or fighting sports on a regular basis, we strongly recommend wearing a mouth guard. Custom-made mouth guards protect the teeth whilst ensuring you feel comfortable and can focus on your game.

What exactly is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a protective device  made of plastic. It is worn over the teeth to provide a barrier against potential hazards such as other people and hard surfaces and objects such as sticks or balls. If you hit the floor at speed, bang your head against an opponent’s shoulder, knee or elbow or get hit by a ball, stick or racket, the risk of dental injury is very high. Wearing a mouth guard helps to reduce this risk and keep you safe.

We strongly recommend dentist-made mouth guards, as they are bespoke to you. This guarantees a perfect fit, and mouth guards are made from high quality materials that are built to last and provide superior levels of protection.

Who should wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are recommended for participants of all ages and abilities in sports that carry a risk of dental injuries, such as:

  • rugby
  • wrestling, cage fighting and mixed martial arts
  • judo
  • hockey
  • lacrosse

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of wearing a mouth guard when playing sport or want to book an appointment to have your mouth guard impression made, call today! The process is very simple and quick and there’s no pain to worry about!


Looking After Your Teeth During Contact Sports

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