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Is London private dentistry too expensive for you?


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Most people assume that private dental treatment is out of their reach in terms of affordability, however, it may not be as expensive as you think and there may be ways to cover the cost of treatment.

Why should I go private?

NHS dental care is considerably cheaper than private dental treatment but it does not cover all treatments and there may be lengthy waiting lists. NHS dental care only covers treatments that are seen as essential for promoting good oral health and as a result the NHS do not cover popular cosmetic dental treatments.

Private dentists offer a wider range of services and treatments and they usually provide new, innovative treatments in modern, spacious surgeries. Private practices are often kitted out with the latest technology and gadgets to provide clients with the best possible treatments, as well as making them feel relaxed and comfortable.

How can I afford private treatment?

Private practices recognise that not everyone is able to pay for treatment up-front, which is why many have come up with flexible payment plans and ways to spread the cost of treatment. In the last few years many people have lost their jobs and most of us have been force to tighten our belts as a result of the recession. Due to general financial problems many people have delayed dental treatment, as they simply cannot find the money to pay for it.

In order to help people many practices now have payment plans, which enable patients to pay for treatment over a set period of time, so instead of paying for treatment in one lump sum immediately after, patients can pay a monthly fee for a period of six months.

Dental insurance plans are also an effective way of paying for dental treatment and you can take out a policy that covers private dental treatment for as little as a few pounds each month. Policies offer different levels of cover and it is important to check that your policy covers the treatment you wish to have before you decide to go ahead with it.


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