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Many people dread going to the dentist because they do not like the feeling of having instruments in their mouth or having to hold their mouths open for long periods of time, which can make it difficult for them to swallow. Lots of patients feel embarrassed about gagging and this can put them off going to the dentist.

Commonly, people worry about gagging when they are to have an impression taken of their mouth. This process will involve the use of dental putty to create a mould of the mouth. It is common for people to gag during this process, as the putty is placed at the back of the mouth and patients may find it difficult to swallow.

What options are available?

If you suffer from a sensitive gag reflex, there are options available to you and you should not avoid going to see your dentist. Sedation is a popular treatment for patients who suffer from dental phobia and dental anxiety, as well as those who are prone to gagging. Sedation effectively makes the patient feel completely relaxed during a procedure. Sedation techniques include intravenous sedation, inhaled sedation (nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas) and conscious oral sedation.

Another option is hypnotherapy, however, this is not for everyone and it can take some time.

The use of state of the art technology is another option. Harley Street Dental Studio has an iTero scanner, which produces 3D images and therefore eliminates the need for impressions to being created.


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