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Let’s face it; not everyone has perfectly straight teeth. Some might walk through life and never need any form of dental treatment. Of course, there are countless numbers of such treatments which can provide its patient with a variety of successful outcomes. One such examples of this are braces.

The times, they are a changing

When people imagine braces, they perceive them to be the traditional “train tracks”. Technology for braces has moved on from this and now there are several types of brace with a number of these catered for by the Harley Street Dental Studio.

Metal is out

One very popular type of brace is Invisalign. Thanks to a series of clear aligners, these braces work with your teeth with their main goal being to help your teeth and not hurt them for there no longer are any metal brackets digging into your gums. The overriding plus of having Invisalign braces is that they are virtually unnoticeable. Patients have commented that they have felt self-conscious when wearing traditional braces but with Invisalign this fear is no more. Furthermore, these braces are removable, which was not the case with metallic braces. Invisalign really do put the comfort of their wearer in line with the success of the final outcome.

But what else can I do?

If Invisalign braces are not to your liking, Harley Street Dental Studio also offers a 6 Month Smile service. Using less pressure than metal braces, by choosing to use this form of treatment also allows you to have braces on your teeth which are practically invisible to the naked eye. 6 Month Smile technology helps your teeth become straight without applying relatively large amounts of pressure.

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