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How we could make your dentures more secure in London


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Do your dentures feel loose? Are you worried about eating in public in case your denture slips or do you find your dentures uncomfortable because they don’t fit perfectly? Dentures offer a host of benefits, and they are a really effective option for many patients with missing teeth, but sometimes, they can cause problems. Most commonly, issues occur when the denture isn’t as secure as it should be. Thankfully, we have a solution for this problem. Here’s how we can make your dentures more secure in London.

About denture stabilisation

Denture stabilisation is a treatment technique we recommend for patients who have had issues with traditional dentures. This technique involves using dental implants to solidly secure the denture in place. Dental implants are small screws, which can be used to support a denture, bridge or crown. This screw-like device is inserted into a socket in the jaw bone. Titanium is used to manufacture dental implants because it is a biocompatible material. This means that the implant is able to integrate into the bone tissue. Once the implant is in place, it provides the new tooth with the same level of support and anchorage as a healthy tooth root.

If you choose to have implant-retained dentures, you can enjoy peace of mind that your dentures will stay in position at all times. There’s no risk of them slipping or coming loose, and you should find them much more comfortable. You shouldn’t have to worry about ulcers or sore spots and the power of the denture should also be increased, which will enable you to enjoy a wider range of foods.

If you’re interested in implant-retained dentures or you’d like to find out more about dental stabilisation right here in London, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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