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What kinds of images pop into your mind when somebody says the words fixed braces? Do you think about metal train-tracks? If so, you’re not alone. Many people still think of braces as cumbersome, unsightly metal appliances, which are fixed to the teeth for months on end. The reality is that braces have come a very long way in a relatively short space of time, and today, we can offer you a very different take on traditional fixed braces. If you’re looking for an invisible solution for orthodontic issues, allow us to introduce you to Incognito lingual braces.

What is Incognito?

Incognito is a lingual brace system, which has changed the way we think about fixed braces. These sleek braces, which are made from materials including gold, are fitted to the back of the teeth, offering you the opportunity to have treatment in secret. When your lingual brace is in place, you can speak and smile without any worry at all about people noticing your brace or making judgements based on your appearance. The brace will be hidden from sight.

Incognito braces are suited to a diverse range of orthodontic patients. They are capable of achieving a significant amount of movement, and this makes them a viable option for most patients with minor or moderate needs.

The benefits of Incognito

Incognito braces are bespoke. Every bracket is designed, made and fitted individually, using the finest quality materials. Most people are drawn to lingual brace due to the fact that they are invisible when you smile. It’ very common to be reluctant to have braces because of the way they look, and with Incognito, this isn’t a concern. You can go about your daily business as usual without worrying what other people think. Incognito braces are also faster than traditional fixed braces, and with shorter treatment times, you’ll also need fewer dental visits.

If you’d like to see if Incognito braces are suitable for you, call us now and book a consultation.


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