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At Harley Street Dental Studio, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and we always encourage our patients to try and protect their teeth as best they can. Looking after your teeth doesn’t just prevent dental health problems, it can also save you a lot of money.

Preventative Measures

We urge our patients to come and visit us for regular dental checks. These appointments are quick and painless, but they can make such a positive difference to your oral health. Your dentist will run through a mental checklist at each appointment, looking out for signs of wear and tear and symptoms of decay, gum disease and oral cancer. They can also give you advice about oral hygiene and brushing, healthy eating and giving up smoking.

As well as attending routine checks, we also urge our clients to be mouth aware. If you do have any problems between scheduled checks, please don’t ignore them and hope that they disappear. With problems like gum disease, the longer you leave it, the worse it gets. Advanced gum disease causes permanent damage to the bone structure, which supports the teeth, and eventually, the teeth will become loose in their sockets and fall out. We also advise our patients to maintain good oral hygiene at home, and we’re happy to offer tips.

Preventative action can save you money, as routine checks are significantly cheaper than courses of treatment for issues such as extensive decay or periodontal disease.

More Information about Fees

If you’d like to find out more about our fees, or you’re interested in dental finance or our special offers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the website or by telephone. We are ready and waiting to take your call!


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