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Five Tooth Friendly Foods This Winter


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It’s winter, and if you’re looking for seasonal foods that won’t damage your dental health, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 tooth-friendly foods to enjoy when temperatures take a tumble:

  1. Soup: there are few things that are more comforting than a bowl of soup on a cold day. Soup is great for your general and dental health because you can pack it full of vegetables and it’s also a low-sugar, low-fat alternative to options like sandwiches, burgers and chips.
  2. Porridge: porridge is a fantastic alternative to sugary breakfast cereals. Oats contain fibre and they release energy slowly, which should mean that you’ll feel full until lunchtime. If you a sweet tooth, resist the temptation to reach for the sugar bowl and add a spoonful of honey instead.
  3. Cheese: if you’re looking for an alternative to ice cream for pudding now that the summer is over, cheese and wholegrain crackers are an excellent replacement. Cheese is a good source of calcium and it also helps to neutralise acids in the mouth.
  4. Salmon: if you’re looking for a healthy dinner, which is relatively easy and quick to prepare, you can’t go wrong with salmon. Salmon is rich in essential oils and it’s also a good source of vitamin D, which is essential for healthy teeth and bones and helps to prevent dry mouth.
  5. Scrambled eggs: on a rainy day when you can’t be bothered to create a culinary feast, why not crack open some eggs and whip up a frenzy in the kitchen? Eggs are an excellent source of protein and you can add milk and butter to up your calcium intake. Add wholemeal bread to increase your intake of fibre.



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