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How Icon White Spot Treatment Takes Care of Mottled Teeth Without Drilling


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If you’ve got mottled teeth, we have a perfect treatment option for you! With Icon white spot treatment, we can eliminate the appearance of white spots on the teeth, giving you an attractive smile and bags of confidence.

About white spots

White spots on the teeth are relatively common. There are various causes, including:

  • Fluorosis: this is when white spots develop as a result of excessive exposure to fluoride
  • Decalcification: this occurs when the enamel loses minerals; it is most common in people who have worn fixed braces
  • Trauma (most commonly as a child)
  • Molar incisal hypoplasia: this is a condition that occurs when the enamel and dentine are softer than usual

How Icon can help

If you have white spots on your teeth, this may affect your confidence. The good news is that we have a solution that really works right here in Harley Street. Icon whitening treatment restores the natural whiteness of the teeth without the need for drilling. This treatment uses a minimally-invasive infiltration method to eliminate white spots and create a much healthier looking aesthetic.

When you have treatment, the surface of the tooth will first be etched before the tooth is dried. Icon infiltration agent is then applied to the tooth surface. It works by filling in any surface pores and creating a smooth, white finish.

If you have any questions about Icon treatment or you’re keen to find a solution for white spots, why not call and book a consultation today?

How Icon White Spot Treatment Takes Care of Mottled Teeth Without Drilling

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