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Did You Know We Can Remove White Spots on Your Teeth?


How can we help?

Do you feel uncomfortable when your smile is on show as a result of white spots on your teeth? If so, we can help. With Icon treatment, we can banish white spots and ensure you feel confident when your pearly whites are on display.

What causes white spots?

There are many possible causes of white spots on the teeth. In some cases, these spots are caused by excessive exposure to fluoride (fluorosis) or childhood illnesses, which cause the enamel to be weaker than usual. Decay and cavities can also cause white spots, and some people also develop patches when they have braces. Whatever the case of white spots, Icon treatment can provide a solution.

What is Icon and how does it work?

Icon is an innovative treatment, which is used to eliminate white spots using an infiltration technique, which blends the spots with the rest of the tooth. Icon provides an alternative to aesthetic bonding and veneers, and it can be completed in a single session with no need for drilling and no pain involved.

The Icon technique is minimally invasive and the results are incredible. Treatment simply involves preparing the tooth by etching the surface and then drying the tooth. The Icon infiltrate is then applied to the tooth. This specially designed substance penetrates the porous surface of the tooth, filling the tiny cavities. To finish, the tooth is exposed to a light source, which stabilises the lesion.

If you have white spots on your teeth, and you’d like to feel more confident about the look of your smile, Icon could be the solution for you! Call us now to find out more about this gentle, pain-free, fast-acting treatment.


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