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Five Aligners, Straighter Smiles: It’s that Simpli5!


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Many people assume that orthodontic treatment is hugely complex. In truth, with modern treatments, it’s never been simpler to get the smile of your dreams. We are proud to offer a host of incredible braces, which are capable of producing stunning smiles with minimal hassle. One of the best options out there is Simpli5, a system that uses five aligners to straighten the teeth and create a sensational new smile.

About Simpli5

Simpli5 is a fast, hassle-free orthodontic treatment, which utilises a set of five bespoke aligners to realign the teeth. The aligners are made from high-grade, transparent plastic and this means that they are virtually undetectable when you smile. With Simpli5, you can enjoy optimum results with minimal stress. The treatment process is incredibly straightforward. All you have to do is wear your aligners in order. Each one should be in place for 2-4 weeks. The aligners you receive will be bespoke, and each one is designed and crafted with your orthodontic prescription in mind. At the end of the treatment, you should find that you have an incredible new smile that you can’t wait to show off to friends and family.

Who can benefit from Simpli5?

Simpli5 is an ideal treatment option for patients who require a limited amount of movement. This is a system that is generally recommended for patients who have mild issues that affect the front teeth, and it’s a wonderful option for those who are eager for rapid results. With a treatment time of just 10-20 weeks, this is a swift treatment and it could be ideal for you if you’re preparing for a special occasion or you’re looking for a removable brace that works quickly.

If you’re keen to learn more about Simpli5 or you’d like to see if you are a suitable candidate for this type of brace, why not get in touch with us today?


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