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Did You Know Carbonated Water is as bad for Your Teeth as Fizzy Drinks?


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One of the main problems we have with our diets and oral health is the fact that products that we think are good for us can often be harmful for our teeth. On a hot day, you may be forgiven for thinking that you’ve made a healthy choice by avoiding an ice cold cola and opting for sparkling water, but did you know that carbonated water can be as bad for your teeth as fizzy drinks?

What’s so bad about fizzy water?

Sparkling water is a thirst quencher, and you may assume that it’s really good for you, just like still water. While drinking sparkling water may not be as bad for your teeth as drinking full sugar versions of fizzy drinks, it’s also not as good for you as you may think. The process of making the fizzy water involves adding carbonic acid. Acids are very damaging to the teeth, as they weaken the enamel surfaces, making the teeth vulnerable to decay and sensitivity. Diet fizzy drinks, such as sugar-free cola are also problematic for the teeth, even though they don’t contain any sugar, due to their pH value.

If you are thirsty, the best option is still water, but if you’re desperate for sparkling, use a straw. When you drink with a straw, you can enjoy the flavour without the liquid coming into direct contact with the enamel, and this reduces the risk of damage.

If you’re not sure what to drink this summer to keep your sparkling smile in check, our dental team will be happy to help and provide some advice and healthy eating and drinking tips. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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