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The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has said the number of people seeking cosmetic dentistry is growing by up to 40% every year.

It seems we want something to smile about during the recession – the British public are still spending money on their teeth. In fact, according to the industry body, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), cosmetic dentistry procedures are booming. More of us are queuing up for smile makeovers, teeth whitening, new veneers and a whole host of cosmetic dentistry procedures as cosmetic treatments boom in the UK.

Cosmetic Dentist ‘Spas’

The whole world of cosmetic dentistry has changed. At one point it used to belong to the realm of old fashioned medical dentists. Today, some cosmetic dentists have removed themselves from the old fashioned dentist’s chair and set up ‘dental spas’ that only offer cosmetic treatments in a specialised relaxed environment. Some dental spas even offer massages and drinks to help create a spa like experience, with others branching out even further offering an array of cosmetic procedures that move beyond teeth to include Botox, and the like. But opting for a cosmetic dentist who has a strong grounding in dentistry is important. No cosmetic dentistry should be performed on teeth that haven’t been treated.

Say Cheese!

It isn’t surprising there’s been such a boom in cosmetic dentistry. The world is becoming more image conscious, and white, straight teeth are considered a prerequisite in many professions, especially in the world of celebrity. In 2007, the BACD found that around a fifth of us conceal our teeth in photographs and just one in four people agreed with the statement ‘I like my smile and would not change it’. As cosmetic dentistry becomes more accessible, more available, and more affordable, it isn’t surprising so many people are joining the queue.

Grin and Bare It

The BACD also found that those who came out top for the most liked celebrity smile included Kylie Minogue and George Clooney – both have big, white, bright smiles. In fact, it’s hard to think of any celebrity with yellowing or bad teeth – even Shane MacGowan of the Pogues recently underwent extensive cosmetic dentistry. Nice smiles are powerful indicators in our lives, with women associating a nice smile with warmth and men associated a strong smile with success in life. It’s felt having a strong, bright white smile will improve the quality of our lives. And judging by survey after survey, smiling can impact on our well being, our happiness, our career and our social life. It’s clear cosmetic dentists are giving more of us something to smile about.

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