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If you’re concerned about staying ahead of the game as the economy flounders – it’s time you checked out a cosmetic dentist.

The state of your teeth may be the last thing on your mind when you’re worried about the state of your bank balance or the country’s economy. But research shows your teeth could actually be the secret of success. Researchers have found time and again that people who have visited a cosmetic dentist to achieve a beautifully white smile are considered in surveys to be more attractive. Research at King’s College in London found volunteers rated people with whiter teeth more favourably than those with visible tooth decay in photographs. Although that might sound fair enough – the researchers also found that those who had their teeth whitened at a cosmetic dentist were then seen more favourably than those with normal teeth.

Time to Visit a Cosmetic Dentist

The nicer your teeth, the more appealing you generally are. Bright white teeth suggest you look after yourself, you are healthy and you take pride in your appearance. A quick trip to a cosmetic dentist is all it takes. A cosmetic dentist is more of a necessity if you have missing teeth or crooked teeth, but the research proves that normal teeth – slightly yellowing teeth – can be detrimental to how people perceive you. And in today’s economy where you need to stand head and shoulders above the competition, a cosmetic dentist could be your perfect secret weapon.

Get it White with a Cosmetic Dentist

Psychologists have gone so far as to say a person’s teeth may influence whether they are successful in life. Image and looks are a powerful thing, and we are quick to judge a book by its cover. Research has shown that those with rotting teeth or crowded teeth are considered to be less intelligent, less popular and less well adjusted. In contrast, those who had visited a cosmetic dentist for a simple tooth whitening procedure were rated more attractive and more successful. The fact that such huge talents who are successful but who have bad teeth are remembered for their teeth as much as their talent says it all. Freddie Mercury for example was known for his teeth as much as his singing success, and Janet Street-Porter is often mocked for her teeth, despite her obvious intellect.
Research has shown that women get judged even more than men – showing something of a gender bias when it comes to looks and success in life. It isn’t surprising that the demand for cosmetic dentistry is increasing, despite the recession.

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