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ClearStep braces are the ideal treatment for patients who want straighter teeth in London


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Whether you or someone you knew wore braces in the past, we all remember the unappealing metal devices used for teeth straightening during our schooldays.  Memories of these bulky, uncomfortable contraptions may stop many people visiting their London dentist for orthodontic treatment, leaving them with less than perfect smiles.

However, today there are many products available, which can help fix problems such a crooked, crowded or gapped teeth without the need for thick metal wires and brackets.

Clearstep braces are a new form of brace, developed using state of the art materials for swift results combined with unnoticeable treatment. Clearstep aligners are completely transparent, for incredibly discreet yet effective treatment. The creators of Clearstep even boast that it is impossible for anyone to even realise you have a brace on unless you inform them yourself.

This revolutionary brace is also removable and there is no need to fix it to the teeth permanently, leaving you to go brace free to any social events, dates or interviews, without feeling self-conscious.

The treatment is relatively simple. Each patient is issued with a series of clear retainers, which place mild pressure on the teeth to encourage them into the desired position. Because each brace is only worn for a few weeks before requiring a new one, the dentist can easily check up on the progression of the brace and make any alterations if necessary.

Clearstep can provide treatment for any age group, with each set of aligners made specifically for every patient. If you are interested in Clearstep visit your dentist today, for a consultation or for help finding a local practitioner.


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