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4 Reasons All-on-Four Can Give You a Brand New Smile


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Do you dream of having a brand new smile? Are you looking for a swift solution for missing teeth that could change your life overnight? If so, allow us to tell you more about All-on-4. Here are just 4 of the reasons why you may wish to consider this terrific treatment:

  1. Speed: All-on-4 is a same-day dental treatment, making it a much faster option than traditional implant treatment, which takes up to 9 months. With this system, you can enjoy the results straight away.
  2. Stability: many people look to All-on-4 as a result of experiencing dental dramas with their dentures. Dentures can be brilliant, but there is a risk that they may become loose or start to irritate the gums. With All-on-4, there’s no chance of the new teeth slipping as they are held in place by the implants. This provides much greater stability.
  3. Functionality: with implants there to anchor the new teeth, you can enjoy enhanced functionality. Your new teeth will feel just like healthy, strong natural teeth with the implants taking on the role of the tooth root. This means you can enjoy a varied diet without any worries at all.
  4. Aesthetics: many people are keen to have dental treatment to improve the aesthetic of their smile. If you have a large number of missing teeth and this is affecting your confidence, All-on-4 is a magnificent way of restoring your smile and boosting your confidence. Once in place, your new teeth will look exactly like healthy, radiant natural teeth.

If you like the sound of All-on-4, give us a call and book a consultation to find out more.


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