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Activating Your New Smile with OrthoPulse


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Are you keen to speed up the progress of your orthodontic treatment? Are you struggling to be patient because you can’t wait to show off your amazing new smile? If so, OrthoPulse may be the solution you’ve been searching for. With OrthoPulse, we can accelerate traditional orthodontic treatment to give you results sooner.

What is OrthoPulse?

OrthoPulse is a device, which is specially designed to accelerate tooth movement. It uses low-level infrared lighting to stimulate the bone tissue that surrounds the tooth roots, resulting in faster alignment. All that you have to do to benefit from treatment is wear the device for 10 minutes each day. You can do it anywhere you like, and it won’t interfere with your daily routine or cause you any pain. You can use it while you’re watching TV, reading a book or doing some work.

When can OrthoPulse be used?

OrthoPulse is compatible with most orthodontic systems, so, for example, if you have Invisalign aligners, you can wear the OrthoPulse device for 10 minutes per day to shorten treatment time.

How does OrthoPulse work?

OrthoPulse has been developed based on 60 years of research. It uses low-level infrared light to boost metabolism in the cells surrounding the tooth roots. This prompts the release of chemical energy that is used to regenerate and heal the body.

We are very lucky to have an evaluator of the OrthoPulse, Dr Ilias Marinopoulos, on our team. If you choose to have orthodontic treatment with us, we can assure you that you couldn’t be in safer hands.

If you’re intrigued by OrthoPulse and you’d like to find out more, call us today and book an appointment or get in touch online.


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