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What are White Spots and How Can Icon Help?

If you have white spots on your teeth, we have a remedy that may interest you. Using Icon, we can eliminate white spots, and give you a healthy looking, radiant smile.

What causes white spots?

White spots can occur on the teeth for a number of reasons. These spots may be a result of fluorosis, which occurs when the teeth are exposed to excessive levels of fluoride. They can also be caused by decalcification, which results from a loss of minerals in the tooth enamel, or by trauma during childhood. White spots are also commonly detected following orthodontic treatment. Many people mistake white spots for staining, and try and tackle the with tooth whitening. Although whitening is a very effective cosmetic solution for discoloured teeth, it isn’t an effective treatment for white spots, as it only serves to make the spots even lighter. Instead, we use a treatment called Icon.

What is Icon?

Icon is a remedy for white spots, which works by using an infiltration technique to fill in the porous space beneath the enamel surface. These spaces can form when the enamel is eroded and worn away by acids. Icon smoothes the surface of the tooth, improves the aesthetic and reduces the risk of further damage. When you have a white spot lesion, your dentist will use a step by step process to infiltrate the tooth and restore it without the need for drilling. You shouldn’t feel any pain, and you should find that the white spot now looks exactly the same as the healthy enamel surrounding it.

If you have white spots, call us now or get in touch online to find out more about Icon treatment.


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