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Why Are Straumann Implants So Special For Patients In London?


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At Harley Street Dental Studio in the heart of London we are proud to offer Straumann dental implants. Straumann dental implants are the world’s leading implants and they have an excellent global reputation for quality, reliability and functionality.

What are Straumann dental implants?

Straumann was founded in Switzerland in 1954 and is renowned for producing innovative, high quality dental appliances and products. Straumann dental implants are made from high grade titanium and they have tapered ends, which improve fit and functionality.

What are the benefits of Straumann dental implants?

Straumann products are supported by clinical research and they are known for their durability. The implants integrate quickly and effortlessly into the jaw bone and only one placement procedure is required because the implant is not covered by gum tissue during the placement process; this means that it is not necessary to uncover the implant in a second procedure before the restoration is attached.

Straumann dental implants are also versatile and they are compatible with dental crowns and dental bridges, which means that they can replace a single missing tooth or more than one missing tooth.

Straumann dental implants have a very impressive record and their success is backed up by years of clinical research.

If you would like to find out more about the Straumann implant system or you would like general information about dental implants, please contact us today!




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