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If you’re having problems with your teeth and are considering dental implants, but don’t know which ones to opt for, then a Straumann Dental Implant could be the best solution. A Straumann Dental Implant utilises quality, flexibility, reduced surgical time and reduction in the risk of infection, to make it one of the finest dental implants available today.

There is a wide range of different prosthetic options for patients looking for implant dentistry, but many do not incorporate the advantages of a Straumann-made Dental Implants.

The Straumann Dental Implants are created by the second largest dental implant company in the world and are one of the Industry’s leaders when it comes to dental implants. With over twenty years of experience, Straumann are renowned and recognised for their simplicity, safe processes and overall reliability in the area of dental implants.

Extensive research and study have determined the superior quality level of a Straumann Dental Implant. Only high quality dental implants can ensure that your procedure is successful and your implant will last you a lifetime, without the need for further treatment or replacement.

Straumann Dental Implants also reduce the healing time for patients, which takes between six to eight weeks, instead of the usual four to six months. This advanced level of healing is achieved with the implant’s successful oral tissue response design, which encourages a natural fusion between implant and jaw.

The demand for Straumann Dental Implant treatment is growing dramatically due to the vast numbers of positive outcomes, which outshine all other dental implant providers. In the last 10 years alone millions upon millions of patients from around the world have opted for the Straumann Dental Implants.

The Straumann Dental Implant are also surprisingly cheaper than many other dental implants, costing around £665 or €770 each. This competitive price, coupled with a greater level of quality, make a Straumann dental implant the best choice for people looking for successful and long-lasting implant treatment.


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