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What Is Tooth Wear Rehab?


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Preventative dentistry lies at the heart of our ethos and we are always eager tohelp our clients retain healthy, happy smiles wherever possible. The teeth are made of sturdy stuff, but even the most diligent patients can suffer wear and tear from time to time. Our tooth wear rehab service provides advice and information to prevent wear and damage and also offers advice about cosmetic and restorative treatments, which can be used to strengthen the teeth and improve the look of the smile.

About tooth wear rehab

Our highly skilled and experienced dentists know all too well that the teeth can be susceptible to damage and our tooth wear rehab service is designed to prevent and limit damage to the teeth. We offer lifestyle advice to help you make positive choices to preserve the teeth, we are here to give tips to help you maintain good oral hygiene at home and we also offer practical information about protecting the teeth from dental injury.

We tailor our treatments to suit each individual client and we can offer personalised advice to address your needs and worries and create an effective plan to help you to protect your teeth and improve any areas that require attention, for example, if you would like help with your brushing technique or advice about wearing a mouth guard when playing sport.

We can also discuss cosmetic and restorative treatment options with you if you do have signs of wear on our teeth, such as worn or uneven edges or chipped teeth. Our amazing treatments include aesthetic bonding, crowns and veneers.

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