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The team at Harley Street Dental Studio employ the highest standards available in modern dentistry to deliver the most advanced treatments in a comfortable and relaxing environment. When you come to us for a dental referral we will ensure that you feel at ease and have the ultimate experience during your treatment, as well as before and after.

You can be sure that we will endeavour to build a relationship with each of our patients and referrals, and to keep our focus on you, our patient. A typical referral will begin with you arriving at one of our offices, and ideally feeling relaxed and comfortable in the environment we have created.

At your initial consultation, we will get to know you and determine what work would benefit you. We achieve this by having an informal chat with you, during which we will go over procedure options and answer any questions your may have. Because we will offer you our complete range of treatment options, we put you in charge of the treatment you receive, allowing you to make the decisions on your care.

If the situation warrants, we have a same-day emergency procedure scheme in place that we could employ during your consultation. If this is not necessary, we will go over the payment details and options, ensuring you are aware that we provide a range of flexible payment options.

We’ll also make sure you are aware of the services we provide outside of normal operating hours and give you information on how best to reach us. Lastly, we hope to have impressed you with our thorough consultation, our impeccable appearance and manners and our prompt handling of your appointment. We hope that you feel like you have been treated like royalty, because at Harley Street Dental Studio, that’s how we strive to be: above average.


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