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At the Harley Street Dental Studio in London we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best treatments out there and we are a forward-thinking practice with one eye on the future; we are excited about new treatments and we strove to ensure that our patients get the best possible results. One of our most exciting treatments at the moment is CFast, a cosmetic brace system, which promises amazing results with maximum discretion. This treatment has become a firm favourite with celebrities but you don’t need to be a red carpet regular to get a gorgeous new smile.

What is CFast?

CFast is a fixed brace system, which is designed for patients who have minor or moderate issues, which affect the social 6; this is the name given to the teeth that can be seen when you smile. CFast is fast and effective and the braces are much less cumbersome than traditional metal fixed braces.

CFast braces are made from custom-designed brackets and nickel-titanium wires; they use the latest technology to move the teeth quickly and gently and they have become very popular because they have all the benefits of fixed braces without being obtrusive.

How long does treatment take?

The average treatment time for CFast patients is six months, making this an ideal choice for those who are eager to show off their new smile and those who are desperate to look their best for a special event. This is a popular treatment for couples who are preparing to celebrate their wedding day.

Our cosmetic braces

In addition to CFast, we have a number of tried and tested treatments, which straighten the teeth and create healthy, functional and attractive smiles. We offer removable aligners systems, such as Invisalign, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Teen, Clearstep, the Inman Aligner and Simpli5, fixed brace treatments, including Damon Braces and Six Month Smiles and lingual brace systems, including STb Social 6 and Incognito.

Whatever your issue, whether you have minor or severe orthodontic problems, whether you prefer a removable aligner or a fixed brace or you only have a short space of time available for treatment, we can help! Call our friendly team today to arrange a consultation.



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