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We Offer 6 Month Smiles For A Faster Braces Alternative In London


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Have you ever thought of having braces but been put off by the thought of wearing them for years? Do you want to address your orthodontic problems without having to wait for years to see the results? If so, why not consider Six Month Smiles?

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a fixed brace system, which is specifically designed for patients who have minor or moderate orthodontic needs. This treatment concentrates on the teeth that can be seen when you smile and this means that it is able to produce results in just 6 months.

Six Month Smiles focuses on the front teeth, which are known as the social 6 and the braces use specially designed self-ligating wires to prevent friction and accelerate the movement of the teeth.

Are Six Month Smile braces invisible?

Invisible braces are a very popular option and if you are thinking about getting braces, you may be weighing up the pros and cons of different treatments. Six month Smiles is not an invisible brace system; however, the brackets are clear and the wires are tooth-coloured, so they are a lot more discreet than traditional fixed braces.

Would I benefit from Six Month Smiles?

If you have minor crowding or slightly crooked front teeth and you are looking for a fast, discreet treatment that guarantees results in just 6 months, this could be a perfect choice for you.

Call us today in Central London to arrange a consultation and we will talk you through the treatment process, check that you are a suitable candidate for treatment and answer any questions you have about Six Month Smiles or any of the other orthodontic options we offer.



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