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The Ultimate Dental Hygiene Routine


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Your oral health routine is the first line of protection your teeth have against plaque and decay. Optimising how you brush and floss is a way minimising the amount of work dental professionals will be required to do, which, despite how it sounds, is a very good thing! Here is a breakdown of the optimum brushing routine:


Brush twice a day for two minutes. To optimise your brushing, brush your teeth in a circular motion: This will cover the largest surface area. Also, make sure to get a new toothbrush every 3 months! Frayed bristles lead to less effective cleaning. Finding the right toothbrush for you is also a good idea – ideally, you should be able to brush your teeth and gums without causing any damage to enamel or gum tissue.

Dental floss

Floss is the next step for the thinking person’s routine. You could use inter-dental brushes or dental ribbon in their place, that doesn’t really matter, what is important is that you are cleaning those areas between teeth that brushes alone just can’t reach! If left alone, the food left between your teeth will become a feast for bacteria and will quickly turn to plaque. Fear not if your gums bleed a little at first, this will quickly subside.


A rinse with some mouthwash will wash away any of the debris left behind that the previous steps missed. Many mouthwashes will also provide protection throughout the day, helping to prevent any problems developing whilst you are outdoing the rounds.


No matter how good you are at brushing, however, remember to come in for a check-up every six months, even if just for peace of mind! If you do encounter any problems, we at Harley Street Dental Studio are also here to help!


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