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The Importance of Pain-Free Dentistry for Patients from London


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It is a sad fact that some people have experienced painful dentistry, which may have marred their views concerning dental treatments. Many have memories of painful drilling or being ignored when in pain. These memories sometimes develop and manifest as dental phobia, which is a fear of dentists, dentistry and dental treatments, for patients in and around London

Pain-free dentistry is vital for so many reasons:

  • So patients are not harmed in the process of dental care.
  • For patients not to feel fear when receiving dental treatment.
  • To offer patients the ability to have a pain-free dental experience.
  • As an encouragement for patients not to decline necessary dental care.
  • So that patients can feel confident in dental treatment.
  • For the prevention of tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • To promote dental and overall health and wellbeing.
  • For positive word of mouth about your services and practice.
  • As part of meeting compliance requirements in patient care.

All of these are valid reasons as to why pain-free dentistry is important. Can you imagine if a painful dental experience deters patients from receiving the care they need? That they feel harmed by you because of the pain they experienced? And worse, that they go on to tell others about how insensitive your service is?

Pain-free dentistry options

Nowadays, dental practices are required to give patients options in pain-free care, such as anaesthetic and sedation. Many dental practices are becoming quite innovative in the pain-free dentistry that they provide and after seeking feedback from patients some practices now provide meditation, music, sensory experiences, consultation, relaxation massage and consultation.

Compliance and patients’ rights

Giving patients choices and personalised pain-free dentistry care is also a regulatory requirement that dentists need to comply with. People suffering from dental phobia may be at high risk of tooth decay, gum disease and even health conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure. Although refusing treatment is within a patient’s right, it can mean that their health deteriorates. Pain-free dentistry aims to eliminate pain and discomfort from dentistry treatments, and to give patients a positive dental experience.

The Importance of Pain-Free Dentistry for Patients from London

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