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At Harley Street Dental Studio, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments for the whole family and always look forward to welcoming children to our clinic. Children’s dentistry is very important to us and our dentists have extensive experience in providing top class care for younger patients. Our friendly team are always on hand to make the experience fun and reassure nervous children. We’ve got lots of toys, books and films to keep children entertained and help them feel settled.

Our dental team is committed to promoting good oral health and we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. We advise parents to bring children for a check-up every six months and we also provide guidance and information to help parents reduce the risk of tooth decay, which is currently the most common cause of hospital admissions among young children in the UK.

The importance of children’s dental care

Good oral health is very important for children. Decay is incredibly common, despite the fact that it is largely preventable. It can cause all kinds of problems for children, from toothache and sensitivity to an elevated risk of dental abscesses. Regular check-ups allow us to keep an eye on your child’s teeth and gums and look for any changes or abnormalities that could increase the risk of decay or confirm existing problems. If your child does have cavities, our dental team will act quickly to prevent further damage and reduce any other associated symptoms.

During check-ups, we can also provide advice for parents and children based on oral hygiene at home as well as information about diet and nutrition. Our helpful team are always on hand to answer any questions you or your child have about their oral health.

Preventative dental care

In addition to regular check-ups, we also recommend preventative dental treatments for children, provided by our expert dental hygienists. These include fluoride varnish treatment and fissure sealant treatment, both of which are highly effective in helping to reduce the risk of tooth decay. These simple and quick procedures help to protect the teeth from harmful bacteria. Fluoride varnish treatment simply involves applying a layer of fluoride onto the enamel to harden and strengthen the teeth. Fissure sealant treatment involves applying a plastic sealant cover onto the biting surface of the tooth. The aim is to create a barrier over the tiny cracks and pits in the tooth to prevent bacteria and food debris from getting stuck. This procedure helps to reduce the risk of plaque forming.




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