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The Dangers of Too Much Sugar for People from London


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What do cakes, chocolates and processed foods all have in common? They all contain a high level of sugar, and London serving dentists are well aware of this. Many of us have self-proclaimed sweet tooths, craving desserts and sugary snacks and drinks throughout the day, but there are serious dangers associated with overdoing the sugar in our diet.

Most obviously, too much sugar can result in weight gain—a flabbier middle, bigger thighs and bum. In addition to adding inches to our waistlines, an excess of sugar can wreak havoc in our mouths, effectively eroding the enamel on our teeth, resulting in cavities that need filling. Excessive amounts of sugar can also affect our metabolism, elevate blood pressure and blood and cause inflammation.

The real risks arise in relation to the lesser-known problems an abundance of sugar can cause, such as high levels of blood fats and an increased risk of heart disease. These problems are the result of a pesky food additive that many of us ignore—added sugar. Any food that doesn’t naturally contain sugar often gets sugar added to it, creating tastier food but also more health problems.

The key to curtailing our sugar intake is to become label-savvy. Before we pop that chocolate in our mouths or take a bite of that cake, we need to be aware exactly of what we’re eating. Foods with copious amounts of sugar added are foods that are said to contain empty calories. While sugary foods seem to give us a quick zap of energy, they also cause a lull just hours after their consumption, leaving us feeling lethargic and in need of more sugar.

We become enthralled in a vicious cycle of eating and drinking things laden with sugar just to get through the day. When the effects of our sugary indulgences wear off, we reach for more, all the while subjecting our bodies to potential health problems and other dangers.

If you’re trying to cut back on the amount of sugar you consume, cut out goodies that have sugar added to them artificially. Reach for healthier options that boast of natural sugars such as fruits. Making this small change can help you shed excess pounds and keep your heart in tip top shape.


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