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If you’re desperate for a stunning straight smile in time for a special occasion or you simply want results fast, we have a number of rapid orthodontic solutions on offer. With our speedy treatments, the days of waiting years to show off the results of wearing braces are long gone and you’ll be dazzling people with your new smile in no time!

Our treatments

We have an array of fast-acting orthodontic treatments on offer to cater for patients with diverse orthodontic needs. Our treatments are suitable for teenagers and adults and we offer a comprehensive treatment package, which includes a consultation prior to treatment. During the consultation, your dentist will assess your needs by analysing your bite and looking at the alignment and position of your teeth; they can then talk to you about the different treatments on offer.

Our treatments include:

6 Month Smiles: this rapid fixed brace system takes just 6 months to correct minor and moderate alignment issues with the front teeth. The braces are also made from clear components, so they are much less noticeable than traditional fixed braces.

Damon Braces: Damon Braces are advanced fixed braces, which use self-ligating technology and sliding brackets to move the teeth very quickly. Damon Braces are suitable for complex cases and treatment is usually completed around 4-6 months before traditional fixed brace treatment.

CFast: CFast is a fast-acting fixed brace solution, which uses clear braces to move the teeth very quickly, often in less than 4 months. This is an ideal solution for people with minor issues who are looking for a quick, hassle-free and discreet fix.

Acceledent: Acceledent is compatible with certain treatments and it reduces treatment time by up to 50 per cent.

Inman Aligner: this removable discreet aligner is geared towards patients with issues with the front teeth and treatment is usually complete within 4 months; this is also a great option for people who have had treatment in the past and found that their teeth have started to move out of position.







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