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Showing your Future Smile with Digital Smile Design


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Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a different smile? In the past, we had to rely on pictures of other people and descriptions, but now, thanks to digital smile design, we can show you how different treatments can transform your smile.

Introducing digital smile design

Digital smile design is an innovative form of technology, which gives us the opportunity to provide you with digital images based on how different treatments work and how they would affect your smile. If you’re considering cosmetic braces, for example, you might find it difficult to imagine what you would look like after treatment. With digital smile design, you don’t have to rely on your imagination. Instead, your dentist can show you pictures to give you an accurate idea of the changes you could enjoy. We can use digital smile design for a range of services, including veneers, tooth whitening and smile makeovers.

What does the process involve?

The first stage of digital smile design is to take photographs of your smile. We can discuss the shots with you, and you can point out anything that you’re not completely happy with. We then use video analysis to look at your smile in more detail when you speak and smile. The next step is to analyse your teeth and talk about potential treatment options. We can discuss different treatments, and then produce images based on different services and the kinds of looks you’re eager to recreate. The next stage is a smile preview. This gives you the chance to see what kind of aesthetics you can expect to see once treatment is complete. Finally, once you’re happy with the images in front of you, we can start treatment, and you can look forward to enjoying your amazing new smile.

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