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Unfortunately, sports injuries are all too common, but we can provide you with an excellent means of protecting your teeth and enhancing your performance on the field: allow us to introduce the Pure Power Mouth Guard.

What is the Pure Power Mouth Guard?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is a technically advanced gum shield, which not only protects your teeth against impact from flying balls, opponents and hard surfaces, but also promises to improve your sporting performance.

The Pure Power Mouth Guard has been developed over several years and uses the latest research and technology to provide amateur and professional athletes with an innovative alternative to traditional gum shields. This mouth guard is far more than just a barrier or shock absorber and we highly recommend it for anyone who plays contact sports, no matter the level of competition.

What is so great about the Pure Power Mouth Guard?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is custom-made for each patient and when you put in your mouth it automatically positions your jaw in the optimum position. This not only makes wearing a mouth guard much more comfortable, but it also reduces pressure and strain on your facial muscles and facilitates more effective muscle contraction, which improves your performance and enables you to compete or train without any discomfort.

Before a mouth guard is manufactured, detailed information about the mouth and jaw will be gathered; this information is used to create the mouth guard and ensure that the jaw is moved into the best possible position as soon as it is placed inside the mouth. When the jaw is in the optimum position, there is no tension in the facial muscles and flexibility is increased; there is also a much lower risk of TMJ disorder, which is characterised by pain and stiffness in and around the temporomandibular joint, which connects the lower jaw to the skull.

Who can benefit from the Pure Power Mouth Guard?

Anyone who plays sports that carry a risk of dental injury could benefit from this mouth guard and we highly recommend it for amateur and elite performers in sports including rugby, hockey, lacrosse, boxing and martial arts. For more information on our mouth guards, get in touch with the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in the city of London.





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