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Nervous of the Dentist Drill? Why No Drill Dentistry is For You


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Do you feel anxious at the thought of hearing the dreaded dental drill let alone coming into contact with the whirring drill bit? Do you have a phobia of the drill or have you had a negative experience in the past, which makes you very nervous about having treatment? At Harley Street Dental Studio, we understand that many of our patients are apprehensive about having dental treatment, especially when it involves using a drill. This is why we are proud to offer no-drill dentistry. If the sound or the feel of the drill fills you with dread, we have the perfect solution for you!

About Aquacut Quattro

We are delighted to offer no-drill dentistry thanks to the wonderful innovation that is Aquacut Quattro. Aquacut Quattro enables us to provide pain-free, hassle-free treatment for patients who feel apprehensive or anxious. Instead of drilling into the tooth to remove decayed or damaged tissue, the Aquacut Quattro uses a powerful stream of fluid, which contains fine powder, to blitz cavities and rid the tooth of decay. There’s absolutely no discomfort involved at all and the device can also be used to remove old fillings and surface stains.

We know that many patients put off trips to the dentist because they are afraid of what may happen when they climb into the dental chair. With drill-free dentistry, we are able to promise our clients that they can sit in the chair with no anxiety at all about what is about to unfold. We can replace old fillings and remove decay without any pain at all and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of drill-free dentistry.

If you’re an anxious patient and you’d like to find out more about drill-free dentistry, call us today to find out more and book a consultation. We are here to help every step of the way, and hopefully, we’ll be able to put your dental fears to bed.


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