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Advancements in orthodontic care means there are modern braces solutions for people from all walks of life. Designed for comfort, discretion and a natural appearance, modern brace systems provide teeth straightening and bite treatment within the shortest possible time.

Where once braces choices were limited to traditional metal brackets and elastics, patients now have a range of brace systems available to choose from, for a healthier, straighter smile. However, modern invisible braces are not available from the NHS and can only be find at private dental practices. Private cosmetic dentists in London offer clear braces solutions to correct minor to severe orthodontic conditions.

Individuals with overcrowded teeth, skew or protruding teeth, and gaps between teeth, desiring to preserve self-image during treatment may benefit from a consultation with a private dentist for modern brace solutions. Modern braces are designed to be tooth-coloured or clear, or are positioned behind the front teeth so they are not noticeable to others.

Innovative mechanisms, such as Invisalign, the Inman Aligner, Damon, Simpli5 and Lingual braces systems, optimise orthodontic force to minimise treatment time. These systems are engineered to allow for ease of eating, speaking and maintaining oral hygiene.

Ranging from clear aligners, tooth-coloured porcelain to close-fitting invisible, flexible plastic teeth guards, modern brace systems correct tooth alignment and bite with greater comfort and peace of mind. Dentists can recommend the best type of brace most suited to a patient’s orthodontic needs.

The choice of modern braces system depends on oral health condition and orthodontic diagnosis. Patients are offered choices in modern braces solutions according to what they can afford, their needs, and personal preferences.


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